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Disclaimer Regarding Published Material on Dailydonnews.com
This Dailydonnews.com website is going to publish informative and knowledge based articles and latest news. We have highly experienced team of writers at our end. Our team collect material for their posts content from different sources like newspapers, books, journals, e-books. We only consider and take into account original and valid sources for our content data and material collection purpose. We encourage our writers and team to give a list of their researched references once they write an article so that it can be proofread on an easier notes.



Dailydonnews.com Consider Only Unique Content for Publishing

We only accept that content for our website which is error free and also unique. We check each single article of ours from different and varied plagiarism checking tools and sources. We consider this fact that not all of the plagiarism checking tools give and show same results. If at any time our website content comes out to be copied one then we will apologize on the immediate basis.

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We pay our big thanks to wikipedia.com. We have instructed our team to consider only facts giving websites. And we have instructed them too that they can only take ideas from these sites so that they can write their content easily.



Dailydonnews.com Carries Intensive Research Policy

Our website encourage readers to compare our website content with rest of the websites. We are humans and there might occur some situations, when we will make errors. So it is recommended to the users to compare our content with other valid sources too.


We, Dailydonnews.com count ourselves as one of the secondary sources of information. But still we manage to give you content and information gathered by doing intensive research.



Policy on Using Copy Right Images

Though our complete website content is managed and approved by our senior and professional team of editors. But there is a possibility that we might give an inaccurate content at times. If you will point out our mistakes then we will appreciate this gesture of yours. We make it every possible way to deliver you with identical and error free content and also accurate facts and figures. We only write unique content. An we only publish unique post. If we are going to use any content or will take any image from other site, then we will acknowledge that source on our website as well.



We rely on our customized images and too on www.creativecommons.org. We tend to avoid image providing services websites, because their support services are poor in their terms. If we will mistakenly use any of the copy righted image on our site then we will immediately remove that image from our website. You may contact our editors through contact us form.



Comment Policy Opted by Team of Dailydonnews.com

We highly motivate our users to give their valuable and enriching feedback. We will consider your valuable points and input. It is because of you that this site is working and constantly getting success. 100% value will be given to your inputs so feel free to pour down your comments at any time.
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