Mentum AI Review, Best AI Content Writer, Features, Uses, Pricing, LTD

Mentum AI The Best Alternative of Jasper AI, Key Features, Benefits, Plans, Earn Money Online Ideas, Comparison with Appsumo LTD of Writecream & Mentum AI
Looking to take your content marketing to the next level? Check out, the best AI content writing tool that can help you a lot in creating top class engaging content. With features like topic suggestions and automatic keyword insertion, makes it easy to produce high-quality content in seconds that will resonate with your audience. is based on very sophisticated machine learning models and it is constantly being trained with millions of keywords. is a great AI content writing tool for bloggers, professional writers and marketers. It has very easy to use interface and there is no learning curve. It has lot of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a content writing tool. is the number one AI writing assistant that can help you create content, that is both engaging and informative. Some of the key features that make it so useful include its ability to help you research and find relevant information, as well as its ability to edit and improve your writing. is the world’s first AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better, and even faster.


Mentum AI Review, Best AI Content Writer, Features, Uses, Pricing, LTD

Mentum AI Review, Best AI Content Writer, Features, Uses, Pricing, LTD


With, you can write up to 50x faster, than you normally could. That’s because this super power ai copywriter comes with a number of ai writing tools, that can help in speeding up the ai writing process, such as a Paraphraser, Text Extender, or Summarizer. Plus, can help you generate ideas for your next blog post, create compelling website posts, or come up with ideas for your next digital marketing campaign on any social media platform. Tool is at present supporting 25 languages and you may write input in any supported language or you may write input in English and can get outputs in any supported language.


Why Mentum is Best AI Content Writing Software? Top Ten Reasons

Mentum is the best AI content writing tool, because it offers many key features, that make it superior to other AI writing software in the market.

First of all Mentum offers a wide range of templates (at present more than 30), that allow you to generate quality content for a variety of different purposes. This means that you can generate seo optimized posts for your website, blog, or even for social media accounts. Simply it can write content on any keyword. Its a fact that majority of ai writing tools can not write content on technical and local keywords related to underdeveloped countries, but mentum ai is an exception here too. It can write copy on medical, technical and even on each and every topic or keyword which you can think.

Secondly, Mentum AI offers a wide range of customization options, that allow you to tailor your content to your specific individual needs. You even do not need to subscribe any spinner or rewriter as this tool also provide you the same facilities. These facilities help a lot in passing the GPT3 content detector tool’s test.


Third, Mentum offers a wide range of support options, that allow you to get help when ever you need it. This includes a live chat option, email support, and even a phone support option.


Fourthly, with a Custom Writer option, you can create anything you need, even if you can’t find a template for your idea on this platform.


Fifthly, you can use a blog ideas generation tool to help you come up with ideas for your next article and if you need help writing your post, you can use an Outline, Paragraph writer, and Blog conclusion templates.


Sixth, for your website, you can generate converting content, which includes a Hero Text or Call to Action.


Seventh, if you’re launching a digital marketing campaign for promotion of your services or products on social media even then can generate all the needed content for it.


Eight, it can create email in seconds on any topic from scratch.


Ninth, Startup tools are best source of generating unique ideas for product/brand names and writing product descriptions.


Finally, Mentum offers a money-back guarantee, that allows you to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the tool and the rate of such request is near to zero.



Why I Am Writing This Mentum AI Review?

I am writing this review because Mentum AI supersized me with it high quality, relevant and accurate outputs on all topics and niches. You will not find any affiliate link on this page as this review is the voice of my heart, I honestly believe that Mentum AI has the potential to defeat even Jasper AI due to its great quality of outputs. If you are not able to pay the monthly subscription fee of Jasper AI, Copy AI, Frase then do try this tool and buy its life time deal from appsumo, otherwise you will definitely repent. Last but not least there is a litmus test too, you may compare the output quality of Mentum AI and other ai writing tools by trying their free trials.


Mentum AI Review, Best AI Content Writer, Features, Uses, Pricing, LTD

Mentum AI LTD Offer at

Mentum AI is offering its lifetime deal at This deal is very generous as it offers monthly quota of 400000 words, which is equal to about 2 million characters. It is humanly not possible to generate too much words in a month, so we may call it unlimited LTD. You must grab this golden opportunity right now. Mentum AI LTD price is just 59$. Yes, its true 2000000 characters per month for lifetime in only one time payment of 59$. Never miss this platinium opportunity. Remember that this LTD is equal to growth plan of mentum ai which is offered for 37$/month. LTD offer is for limited time period, so first try then buy. All future updates will be included in the LTD. This deal is being offered with 60 days money back guarantee.



Mentum AI Free Trial

Mentum AI is offering free trial of 7 days. During this time you may generate unlimited characters. I personally assure you that in first day of trial you will decide to buy this tool due to its power to generate high quality content on all topics.


Mentum AI Plans

Mentum AI is offering three kinds of plans i.e starter, growth and enterprise which are being offered in 19$, 39$ and 199$ respectively. In starter plan one can generate 20000 words, growth plans allows 400000 words and enterprise plan offers seats option too. Special discount is being offered on annual plans.


Mentum AI Review, Best AI Content Writer, Features, Uses, Pricing, LTD


Appsumo Mentum AI LTD Vs WriteCream LTD

Price of both Appsumo LTD of writecream and Mentum AI is 59$ but Mentum AI is better option in my opinion as it produces more quality outputs than Writecream. Writecream is offering 400000 characters per month where as Mentum AI is offering 4000000 monthly words (2 million characters) quota. Writecream generally produces irrelevant outputs where as Mentum AI is perfect in this regard too. Mentum AI covers thousands times more keywords and topics than writecream, so in my opinion Appsumo LTD of Mentum AI should be your first choice as it is the best ai writing option for bloggers, website owners and digital marketers. You may confirm it by trying the free trial offers of both these tools.



How to Earn Money with Mentum AI

There are many ways to make money with Mentum AI writing tool. You can create and sell eBooks, work as a freelance writer, or even start your own blog/website.


If you have a knack for writing and are interested in artificial intelligence, then you may be wondering how you can make money with best artificial intelligence writing tool Mentum AI. There are actually several ways to do this.


One way is to create and sell eBooks. You can write an eBook on any topic that you’re passionate about with the help of mentum AI. Once it’s finished, you can sell it on sites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Another way to make money with Mentum AI is to work as a freelance writer. There are many businesses and individuals, who are in need of content, but don’t have the time or resources to write it themselves. That’s where you come in. You can use Mentum AI to help you create high-quality content, and then get paid for your work. You may get orders from Fiverr, upwork, freelancer and other freelancing platforms.


Finally, you could even start your own blog or website and write articles with the help of ai super power mentum ai.



Future Updates

Mentum ai is going to provide the facility of plagiarism checking tool soon. Long form and write more features are also expected in near future. Visual content generator, one click full article re-writer and SEO optimization tools are also on the road map. is using latest GPT-3 and proprietary ML models for creating the content on any keyword in seconds. In future new technologies like GPT-4 will also be used. This clearly shows that future of this ai writing tool is very bright.


Povilas Skrebutenas CEO Mentum AI

Povilas Skrebutenas Next Mark Zuckerberg

Povilas Skrebutenas is the co-founder of Mentum AI and is very friendly and cooperative with the Mentum community. He is from Lithuania. He is keeping an close eye on the competition and latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence for improvement in his product. You may contact him at for queries and sharing your ideas.




This all-in-one copywriting platform is suited for academic purposes and research too. If you want to increase the organic traffic of your blog then you must have this handy tool. Watch the introductory video at


So why wait? Get started today and see how can help you write better, faster content.






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