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Privacy Policy Rules of is a professional and trustworthy informative website. We shall deliver valid informative and knowledge based content to all our targeted readers. We follow some specific rules and principles on the basis of them we make our readers comfortable in sharing their email address and rest of the contact details. Many of the readers show interest in giving out their comments and feedback. So the only way to give your comments on our website is to first give the details of your full name, contact details and email ID information. This is an important requirement which has to be fulfilled by the readers who wants to pour down their comments and feedback on our website. We will never use your credentials for any purpose, not even for sending emails. This is just for a security purpose.

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Mandatory Information Collected by Our Team of

You need to enter and give details of your name and Email ID if you are interested in handing over your comments. This is mandatory information which you have to give!



Purpose of Getting Information

We, ask for this information so that users experiences can become more personalized and use friendly. This information will let us to quickly get back and reply to your queries. We are working to improve and enhance the standard of our site. And this is possible if you will join hands with us. Your feedback means a lot to us. To meet our users individual needs as well as individual requirements, we have to extract this information from our users. We offer free training and free tutorials to our members. Free workshops and free career counseling seminars are conducted by us. By registering your personal information on our website, you can avail these free services too. We will be sending emails to you on a periodic basis.



How we Use Cookies? follows a strict policy when it comes to the usage of cookies. We do not believe in using cookies. We let our users to enjoy their browsing experiences. We are well aware about this fact that Google adsence, avatar service and embedded content, they excessively make use of cookies. For reading their cookies and privacy policies visit the concern sites. Right now, we are not on any terms regarding cookies usage policy. If we happen to use these cookies then we will let readers know about those terms and conditions too.


Does Disclose Information Provided by Their Users?

This site has never disclosed any information or data which is provided by their users. Here you can have an enjoy relaxed browsing experience. We are one of the responsible education and media related website and we do not deceive our users. We will keep your private information secret. We will only use this private information of yours so that this can more improve its services. You can use our website without feeling and coming across any hesitation. This is the safest website which all readers can browse and visit. For fulfilling the GDPR requirement we take consent of the visitor in our comment section. We welcome your queries as well all the time.